Using the data

As part of the research project we are looking at how useful these files are. We will not ask for any identifying information.

Please select the relevant country and enter the postcode (UK) or Latitude & Longitude co-ordinates (UK, India) of the location you wish to download data for.

Question 1.

Are you downloading a weather file to use on a real building project, for example as a consultant engineer, rather than doing academic research?

Question 2.

If you answered yes to question 1:

Please tell us the following details of the project:

(i) Types of buildings:

If you answered no to question 1:

Please briefly describe your research project and give the name of your institution. For example "PhD research into overheating of homes of vulnerable groups, University of Manchester"

This work was an academic research project. We can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of these files, or any errors they may contain. By submitting this form you are confirming you understand and accept this.

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